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EU-project on refugee education

The EU-project, Exchange of knowledge and good practices to enhance the education of refugee and asylum seeking youth, hereafter referred to as the RefuEdu project, is a collaboration between Fryshuset and 8 other organisations from 7 European countries and is funded through the Erasmus+ programme for strategic partnerships on school education.

The partnership is initiated through The Sirius European policy network on the education of children andyoung people with a migrant background. The RefuEdu project is scheduled to run from (Jan 2017 to Jul 2018) and is based on a former collaboration project PERAE that analyses the challenges that refugee and asylum seeking youth face in accessing and succeeding in education from an empirical point of view.

The resulting analysis identified challenges that youth face found good practices in addressing those challenges and provided an overview of the interaction between the profile of each education system and the migrants within it. The findings of the project compiled within national and a transnational comparative report will contribute to the initiation of transnational sharing of experience and good practice and to the development of policy and practice tools.

During three five-day transnational joint staff events scheduled in November 2017 and Februari 2018, stakeholders in school education and management, teachers, policy makers, governmental organizations, NGO’s, refugee and asylum seeking youth will learn and exchange about good practices in refugee education from a European perspective.

Producing a policy and practice Handbook on refugee and asylum seeker youth’ education with indicators to track the adoption and implementation of the recommendations  for practitioners and policy makers dealing with the education of refugees and asylum seeking youth in policy and practice.

For more information on the RefuEdu project and The Sirius Network click here