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Joint Nordic School Conference in Malmö, Sweden

The Swedish Council for Higher Education together with its counter partners in Island, Danmark, Norway and Finland organized a Joint Nordic school conference on the topic in Malmö between 31 august-1 sept.

Starting point for the conference was Newly arrived in school –  how to prevent alienation through involvement and inclusion. The aim of the conference was to share pedagogical ideas and methodology through best practices and exchange of experience and get new input by external experts in the field of inclusion in school. Also, to get practical examples on methodologies and tools available for the work in the school as a place for involvement and inclusion of newly arrived.

Jens Nymand Christensen, Deputy Director General for Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission, stated that ‘’EU first and foremost reunites around values’’. We need to take a hollistic approach to inclusion of children and youth in order to work towards social cohesion. Reciprocal actions based upon mutual responsibility and willingness are needed, embracing the challenges from both sides.

Also, schools, civil socitey and governmental organisations should colloborate to promote synergies on inclusion for refugee and asylum seeking youth in order to meet not only the the educational but even the social and emotional needs of newly-arrived students.