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Work-based learning Conference in Gdansk, Polen

The main topic of the conference was to share good practice and knowledge on inclusive ways to create work opportunities for unemployed youth from disadvantaged suburban areas.

The conference was initiated by the Swedish industry and employers’ organization Måleriföretagen and hosted by the University of Gdansk. The outcomes of the project Color and Light initiated by Måleriföretagen formed the basis of the discussions.

The overall aim of the project is to promote work-based learning and training for youth at the same time developing and restoring parts of the city which needs particular attention. Inclusion and integration is a stronghold within the project. Disadvantaged youth often need a practical task to find the inspiration for training and learning. The crafts and measures the project focuses on are building restoration, color schemes and mural paintings, through Work-Based Learning (WBL).

Color and Light has grown from the ongoing project Lets color Gothenburg, initiated in 2014, website. www.sattfargpa.se