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Confederation United of Favelas (CUFA) and CEPEMA Foundation visit Fryshuset

Representatives from CUFA Global and CEPEMA Foundation from Brazil visited Fryshuset in Stockholm last week. The aim of the visit was to getting to know organizations and the people behind them as well as to identify possibilities for future cooperation.

During the week the visitors had numerous meetings with representatives from Fryshusets various fields of work, participated in activities and gave a lecture at Fryshusets Folk High School. As always we involve our youth and members of Fryshusets staff with roots from the visiting country.

In this case, a talented young musician/music producer Lokatzo who together with Jose Carlos Ribeiro Music Producer and Activist created music in his music studio at Fryshuset. Also,Bruno Silva, coach at Fryshuset Basket who guided and supported the visitors during their visit.

CUFA is a solid organizations, nationally recognized in the political, social, sports and cultural area. It was created from the union of young people from various favelas of Rio de Janeiro-mainly black- seeking spaces to express their attitudes, questions or just their desire to live. Hip Hop is the main form of expression which serves as a tool for integration and social inclusion. CUFA wants spread awareness of underprivileged sections of the population with professional trainng workshops, and other activities that increase the self-esteem periphery when they take knowledge to it, offering youth new perspectives. Contact: Francisco Jose Pereira de Lima (Preto Zezé) – President CUFA GLOBAL. More information: http://www.cufaglobal.org/global/politica

The CEPEMA Foundation has fast experience in working with dissemination of techniques of organic farming, especially in the realization of courses, seminars and Rural and Forestry Technical Assistance, involving family farmers and agrarian reform settlers. In urban areas with programs that promote peripheral cultures with a focus on youth protagonism, and in the area of ​​sustainable cities focusing on the environmental resilience of urban spaces, conducting seminars and collaborating in research and studies. Contact: Adalberto Alencar – Cepema Foundation. More information: http://www.fundacaocepema.org.br/fundação.html