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Conference on better integration of newly arrived migrant students in Europe

Refugee education; Challenges to embrace and barriers to overcome

The last of the three learning, teaching and training event (LTT) within the SIRIUS project RefuEdu II was held at Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden from 5 – 9 February 2018. The event was organised and coordinated by Fryshuset, in association with 8 organisations from 7 European countries and funded through the Erasmus+ Programme for strategic partnerships on school education.

The mission of the event was to fill in the gaps on promising practices and effective policies in refugee education among different groups of stakeholders in order to generate mutual learning effects among different European countries. Furthermore, to share and discuss challenges that must be embraced and barriers we must overcome to promote better integration of NAMS into the education system.

The program was based on previous experiences, findings and topics explored in knowledge and practice exchanges held in Rotterdam and Hamburg November 2017. Over the course of five days’ representatives from organizations and sectors involved in school education and management, teachers, policy makers, governmental organizations, NGO’s, refugee and asylum seeking youth got together to discuss and share promising practices and effective policies on refugee education in Europe.

The findings of the three events will contribute to the development of policy and practice handbook.