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Fryshuset and the Сity of Fortaleza initiate collaboration

On 14th of May Fryshuset and the City of Fortaleza have signed their first cooperation agreement

This week Fryshuset and The City of Fortaleza has established a plan for future cooperation by signing the mutual agreement between the Mayor of the City of Fortaleza, Roberto Cláudio Rodrigues Bezerra and Fryshusets CEO, Johan Oljeqvist. The goal of this agreement is to establish a mutual long-term cooperation between the parties, in order to promote the exchange of information, experiences and elaboration of joint projects, based on Fryshuset’s almost 35 years of experience of work for and with youth. The  focus will be on young people at risk of social exclusion. It is a joint effort to meet a common challenge: to provide better support to socially excluded youth.


The Agreement includes exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of youth development, analyzing and identifying the best ways of implementation Fryshuset’s experience, methods and programs in Fortaleza.

During the visit, the delegation from Fortaleza were able to know more about different activities and special programs, such as Lugna Gatan and BACKA. Also, there were guided tours in Fryshuset Husby and Hammarby Sjöstad. Doubtless, it`s the first step was taken towards a long-term collaboration between the two countries.