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Inclusion of young people in Eastern European Partnership

On 28-29th of May Fryshuset in collaboration with Forum SYD and Föreningen Framtidståget organized a event “Inclusion of young people in EaP”.

The meeting took place in Föreningen Framtidståget office where participants from different organizations shared best practices concerning inclusion work with young people from Sweden and other countries within the Eastern European Partnership. Linda Skogsby, project manager from Fryshuset presented one of the successful Fryshuset’s project “Lugna Gatan” and explained the methods of this program and how they were implemented in project “Great Corner” in Langa, the township of Cape Town, South Africa. Föreningen Framtidståget shared their experience and methods of psychosocial work with youth and family therapy, as well as international activities.

Furthermore, representatives from Forum SYD told more about different opportunities for members in the Eastern European Partnership and financing programs. During the day, participants learned more about best practices which had already implemented in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Sweden. Through the presentations and discussions, participants realized that their countries have common problems and similar challenges. The main goal is to encourage young people to see the opportunities to change their future beyond the limitations of their social background and avoid an exclusion from society.

All organizations work in different areas locally and internationally in collaboration with EU and others partners through youth exchanges, study visits, camps, forums, short- and long – term voluntary work, social innovations and entrepreneurship etc. Moreover, they work with different groups of youth including people with all types of limitations and any other health problems, unemployed youth, IDP, youth living in border regions, deprived and rural areas. This event provided new ideas in working with youth which is needed for organizations to develop sustainably and create new collaborations and partnerships.