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Visit of Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

This week a delegation from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic visited Fryshuset.

At the Ministry they work on various themes with vulnerable youth and multiple government-provided services, trying to improve cooperation between local authorities, social services and schools. For example, they have successful experience of working with at-risk children and youth in street-work preventive programs, “Beztíže”.

The main goal of the visit was to get inspiration from different projects at Fryshuset and discuss future opportunities to make a long-term collaboration between the Czech Republic and Sweden, based on Fryshuset`s experience and methods.

During a three-day visit to Fryshuset the delegation got to know more about Fryshusets various programs, such as Lugna Gatan, United Sisters, Exit och Passus, Children of Single Mothers etc. Also, a guided tour was organized at to Fryshusets 24,000 m² educational, social and recreational Youth Center at Hammarby Sjöstad. Furthermore presentations were given on various methods of working with youth culture, young refugees, entrepreneurship and labour market issues. In addition, the delegation got a chance to visit “Järvaveckan” and know more about the Swedish political system and the upcoming elections.

The next step for the Czech delegation is to design principles for a national program which aims to strengthen and support cooperation between authorities and civil society organisations in youth work.

For more information about activities of The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic follow the link: https://www.mpsv.cz/en/