28 jun - Okategoriserade

Study visit from the City of Fortaleza, Brazil

On 28th of June a team from the City of Fortaleza (Brazil) visited Fryshuset within the framework of a long-term partnership agreement, which was signed earlier this year.

The study visit started with a guided tour at Fryshuset in Hammarby Sjöstad, followed by discussions about the Fryshusets promising practices, methods and programs. The aim was to identify tools for implementation in Fortaleza.

During the training, the delegation from the City of Fortaleza got to know more about Fryshusets hands-on experience from working with disengagement from extremist groups and criminal gangs (Exit and Passus). Also, Fryshuset shared its knowledge and experiences from working with youth in other fields of work such as youth culture and social work.

For more information about Fryshusets partnership agreement and the City of Fortaleza, click here


For further information, please contact Raisa Lång Velazco, raisa.lang@fryshuset.se