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Fryshuset and Plan International initiate long-term collaboration

This week Fryshuset in cooperation with Plan International Sweden and Plan International Senegal set up the workshop “Sisters create” which support young people and promote gender equality according the values of BACKA program.

During the one-week meeting the project group from Sweden and Senegal got a common understanding of the “Sisters create” project and how to collaborate together. They also analyzed the possible challenges and solutions of implementing the BACKA training into a Senegalese context. This project is based on one of the Fryshuset`s practice – BACKA program which empowers young girls and boys in various ways, strengthens and elevates their voice, power, knowledge and abilities. Selina Juopperi, Project Manager of Backasysterskapet presented and explained the methods of this program and discussed how they can be transformed and implemented in Senegal according to their conditions, challenges, structures and culture.

The leaders from Plan International Senegal shared their successful experience in creating The Timbuktu Studio (part of a project of Plan International with the support of Swedish rapper Jason Diakité, “Timbuktu”). The studio aims to use “rap music as an advocacy tool for defending and promoting children’s access to their fundamental rights in the suburbs of Dakar”. Furthermore, by raising these skills and recognizing the challenges which youth faces in Dakar, the studio gives young people a chance to produce music focused on themes of child abuse (especially with girls), access to equal education and youth leadership. For example, the problem of Dakar region is that many girls are afraid to participate in rap music production, because of negative public opinion and there are only 4 girls in comparison with 25 boys involving in this activity.

In a framework of this long-term partnership the project group plans to involve in the cultural activities of Timbuktu Studio around 80 000 kids, youth and adults through the different sessions, BACKA trainings, workshops, concerts etc. Also, there will be youth exchanges between Senegal and Sweden to establish collaboration with Swedish famous rap- artists and musical producers.


For more information please contact Selina Juopperi  selina.juopperi@fryshuset.se