31 aug - Okategoriserade

125procent study visit at Fryshuset

Between the 28th and 29th of August, 125 procent from the Netherlands paid a visit to Fryshuset. Earlier this year Fryshuset met with 125 procent in the Hague. An immediate spark of recognition was felt between the organisations and after an intense meeting session it was decided that further talks should continue in Sweden.

The aim of the activity was to share knowledge and Fryshusets promising practices with 125procent in order to see if any long term collaboration with the Dutch organisation would be possible. 125procent develops tailored projects commissioned by among others local and regional government to adress social issues concerning youth in the Netherlands such as school projects, festivals and  labour market programmes and so on.

On Tuesday, the group got an overall introduction on how Fryshuset operates as well as a guided tour to one of our facilities. Also, representatives from the field of Youth culture and Social projects such as United Sisters presented their operations to the group. As the day progressed, more and more interesting discussions arose about synergies and mutual recognition with regards to youth and the way we both work with them.

On Wednesday, the group got a in depth presentation of Fryshusets operations Exit and Passus. The afternoon was spend to discuss a way forward, since a lot of synergies and possibilities for collaboration have been identified. Fryshuset and 125procent will continue discussing long term collaboration and will develop an action plan during this fall.

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