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Fryshuset goes international – some highlights from 2018

  • More international visitors than ever before
    The international interest in ”the Fryshuset Way” to work with and for youth has increased strongly during 2018. We have welcomed more than 800 visitors from around 60 countries in all parts of the world. And we participated in several international events and exchanges in countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Senegal, Jordan, Greece, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Netherlands, UK, Latvia, Norway, Finland.
  • Finland and Norway                                                                                                                            Our partnerships with Forandringshuset in Norway and Sosped in Finland have been further developed during the year and we see great possibilities to continue and further develop our mutual cooperation.
  • Peace Leaders
    Simon Ebers och Linda Skogsby have run a educational programme in peace building and conflict handling in Brazil, Kenya and Jordan during the year. Peace Leaders, is a leadership programme, focusing on empowering the youth with experience of peace and security issues. Peace Leaders is an international implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 and its acknowledgement of youth as a key stake holder in peacebuilding. See www.facebook.com/peaceleadersfryshuset/ for more information.
  • UN Habitat
    Fryshuset has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UN Habitat, UN’s body for human settlements, i a with the purpose of establshing a global youth forum aiming at increasing the involvement and influence of youth in the building of safer cities all over the world. During the autumn two pilot workshops were held in Nairobi and Stockholm.
  • The Netherlands
    Several contacts have been established in the Netherlands and during 2019 a number of initiatives are expected to be taken to get ”the Fryshuset Way” implemented in different cities. We are cooperating with both governmental, private and academic  actors and a number of visits have taken place from both sides. – MYLIFE – Method Development of NAMS-led Initiatives for Social Inclusion, ais  project, financed by the EU aiming at exchange of youth and experience to increase youth involvement and inclusion in society in Sweden and the Netherlands – We have also signed a Letter of Intent with the social company 125%, with which we will develop a number of joint projects.
  • Eastern European Partnership
    Fryshuset is, together with some 25 other Swedish NGOs, member of the Swedish platform of the Eastern European Partnership, an EU initiative to strengthen the links between EU and Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerberdjan, Armenia and Georgia. In December Fryshuset participated in the Annual Civil Society Forum in Tiblisi, Georgia. Fryshsuet’s ambition is to idenify potential cooperation partners in the actual countries.
  • Czech Republic
    During the year Fryshuset has participated in a exchange program in cooperation with the Czech Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. Representatives from the ministry visited Fryshuset during one week in June and Fryshuset played an active role in an international conference on ’’Innovation in working with children at risk and their families’’ in Prague in December. The theme for the program is ’’System Development and Support of Tools for Social and Legal Protection of Children’’.
  • Brazil
    During tha autumn preparations have been made for a training and feasibility study tour to Fortaleza in Brazil, scheduled to take place during the spring of 2019. A Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed upon between the City of Fortaleza and Fryshuset. Based on this MoU the plan is to establish a number of Fryshuset’s programmes and methods in Fortaleza and possibly in other cities as well.
  • Senegal 
    In cooperation with Plan International and with financial support from the Swedish Post Code Lottery, Fryshuset has been assigned to establish an educational programme for young girls in Senegal. It is about empowerment och giving tools to girls and young women to be heard and seen. Music production, singing and media issues are parts of the programme.
  • USA – Homeboy Industries                                                                                                              During sevaral years discussions have been goiing on about a cooperation between Fryshuset and  the US-based Homeboy Industries programme. And now it happens! At Fryshuset in Malmö, the programme ”Solve it!” (Lös det!) will apply the methods and experience of Homeboy Industries in their work with  young persons ”at risk” of becoming or who are members of criminal communities.
  • Greece
    In November seven youth representatives of Fryshuset participated in their first Youth – Exchange in Athens. During six days of  workshops, seminars and study visits they, together with some 60 young persons from five countries shared experience and views about entrepreneurship, creativity and interaction.
  • Volunteers exchange
    During 2018 Fryshuset welcomed its first EU volunteer, Irina Sotnikova, from Russia. We are now scheduling for additional volunteers to come and work with Fryshuset during the coming year(s). We will also encourage youth from Fryshuset to benefit from the opportunities to travel and work in other countries, be it on a volutary or salaried bases.

We in Fryshuset’s international team (Raisa Lang Velazco, Monique Denkelaar and Martin Dworén) want to thank all our colleagues at Fryshuset as well as all our friends in other countries for an exciting 2018 and we very much look forward to further and developed contacts during 2019.