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Presentation and consultation at International conference in Prague

The conference “Innovation in work with children at risk and their families” was held in Prague, Czech Republic on the 13th and 14th December 2018. The conference is part of the project called "System Development and Support of Tools for the Social and Legal Protection of Children".

The project is run by the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs from 1. 1. 2016 till 1. 6. 2019. The main objective of the whole project is to support the performance of social and legal protection of children at all levels and to further improving and streamlining the work of all involved participants.

The aims of the conference were to:

a) Introduce the activity „Innovative approaches reinforce the development of preventative services in the social system of children protection”,

b) Introduce the methodology and key principals of 10 topics which are according the ministry and its research the most crucial topics in the field of child rights protection (for example: Children and young people with risky behavioural patterns, Minimizing the effects of divorce or divorce situation on children, Children at risk from substance abuse, Gatekeeping, Children and young people with risk behavioural patterns etc.) and

c) Share foreign good practice in the field of children at risk.

Monique Denkelaar, Global Market and Development, held a presentation on Fryshusets systematical work for social inclusion at the conference, impact measurement and shared Fryshusets good practice, ”Calm Street”- project.  Also, she took part in in a panel discussion on the topic: Children and young people with risk behaviour patterns.
In addition, she participated at an individual consulting with professionals working on a methodology related to the topic, young adults who experienced the institutional care/other types of the institutionalization or were children at risk and my colleagues from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Attendees included professionals who work in the field of vulnerable children and young adults (social workers, doctors, pedagogues, public sector workers, workers in the non-sector workers, etc.).

For more information, please contact Monique Denkelaar, monique.denkelaar@fryshuset.se