9 september, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Visit from Cuba

On the 7th of September Fryshuset welcomed Dr Eusebio Leal Spengler, the Havana City Historian, director of the restoration program of Old Havana and the Ambassador of Sweden in Havana, Cuba Sr. Jonas Lovén.
7 september, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Open-call for new volunteers

We are happy to announce an open call for short-term volunteering projects in Fryshuset!
6 september, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Visit from the Republic of Belarus

On the 4th of September Fryshuset welcomed representatives from "World Without Borders" (WWB) and some specialists of social welfare sector in Belarus.
31 augusti, 2018 · Okategoriserade

125procent study visit at Fryshuset

Between the 28th and 29th of August, 125 procent from the Netherlands paid a visit to Fryshuset. Earlier this year Fryshuset met with 125 procent in the Hague. An immediate spark of recognition was felt between the organisations and after an intense meeting session it was decided that further talks should continue in Sweden.
26 augusti, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Fryshuset and Plan International initiate long-term collaboration

This week Fryshuset in cooperation with Plan International Sweden and Plan International Senegal set up the workshop “Sisters create” which support young people and promote gender equality according the values of BACKA program.
3 augusti, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Open practice Russia and Sweden

On the 1st August Danscenter Fryshuset in collaboration with Nordkonst organized open practice for break dancers from Russia and Sweden in the framework of Nord2Nord project.
9 juli, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Visit from the Republic of Chile

On 9th of July Fryshuset welcomed the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile in Sweden Sr. Hernán Bascuñán Jiménez and Third Secretary Sr. Michel Lavín Espinosa.
28 juni, 2018 · Okategoriserade

Study visit from the City of Fortaleza, Brazil

On 28th of June a team from the City of Fortaleza (Brazil) visited Fryshuset within the framework of a long-term partnership agreement, which was signed earlier this year.