30 oktober, 2017 · Okategoriserade

Fryshuset in Norwegian partnership

Fryshuset has formed a longterm partnership with Forandringshuset in Norway. The partnership means that several of Fryshuset’s activities will be initiated from the 1st of January 2018.
27 oktober, 2017 · Okategoriserade

Eurodesk Networking Strike 7-8 December

On 7-8 December 2017 Eurodesk partners are invited to a networking conference with focus on communication with young people.
4 oktober, 2017 · Okategoriserade

VIP visit at Fryshuset in Stockholm

European Finance Commissioner Pier Moscovici paid Fryshuset a visit last Friday together with Anders Kessling, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas, Head of European Commission Sweden.
27 september, 2017 · Okategoriserade

Work-based learning Conference in Gdansk, Polen

The main topic of the conference was to share good practice and knowledge on inclusive ways to create work opportunities for unemployed youth from disadvantaged suburban areas.
21 september, 2017 · Okategoriserade

Joint Nordic School Conference in Malmö, Sweden

The Swedish Council for Higher Education together with its counter partners in Island, Danmark, Norway and Finland organized a Joint Nordic school conference on the topic in Malmö between 31 august-1 sept.
20 september, 2017 · Okategoriserade

EU-project on refugee education

The EU-project, Exchange of knowledge and good practices to enhance the education of refugee and asylum seeking youth, hereafter referred to as the RefuEdu project, is a collaboration between Fryshuset and 8 other organisations from 7 European countries and is funded through the Erasmus+ programme for strategic partnerships on school education.