The following information is provided to bring Fryshusets published resources and materials relevant to our operations to your attention. It’s free and can in some cases be ordered from Fryshuset unless otherwise stated. For more information follow the links attached to the subject of interest.

Centre for information on destructive subcultures

CIDES works with developing and disseminating effective approaches for combating the formation of destructive subcultures, reducing their recruitment and facilitate in defection. Our main belief is that problems with destructive groups cannot be fixed by the police alone. That there are a lot of stakeholders in society who need to assume responsibilities and work together, and that we all need to start listening to what the young people, who live where gangs and groups are formed, claim that they need in order to keep out of these groups. The goal is to obtain feasible and effective solutions to the problem.More reports & articles >>>

IPACY Handbook – Implementing preventive actions for children and youth

IPACY brings together specialists of prevention from eight different European member states to analyse early prevention issues from a practical and theoretical standpoint in a trans-national and trans-disciplinary approach. The aim of IPACY is to propose a reflection on prevention practices across the European Union so as to help, in a very concrete way, budding early prevention structures to find the most useful and up-to-date tools they need to get organised and flourish. To this end, eight prevention specialists from eight different European countries have joined forces on this project. These specialists come from various areas of expertise: some are academics, while others have a long experience at grassroots levels, some represent prominent NGOs while others are involved in government-based prevention initiatives. A presentation of each of the participating parties can be found below.

The pluralism and dialogue institute 

The Pluralism and Dialogue Institute is currently a part of Fryshuset and is financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund with various projects supported by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Society, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, the Gålö Foundation, Open Society Foundations and Nordic Culture Point.We spread knowledge, empower youth and develop methods for increased understanding between groups in society. The institute promotes democracy and human rights, and works preventively with racism, xenophobia and violent extremism.

The social capital of Lugna Gatan in Gothenburg and Malmö

The purpose of the evaluation was to study Lugna Gatans establishment in Gothenburg and Malmö based on differences and similarities. Also, it was to investigate and analyze the methodology of Lugna Gatan and the relationship and cooperation between Lugna Gatan and public actors as well as to describe the youth’s relation to and view of the Lugna Gatan hosts. The report has been conducted and compiled by Thomas Öhlund & Per Oskar Gundel, Michael Klaus Institutionen for Social work at Stockholm University, 2009. More reports & articles on Lugna Gatan >>>

Unaccompanied minors from a social investment perspectivet

  The purpose of this very limited study is to look from a variety of directions if you can change perspectives and from an economic perspective, see these unaccompanied minors as anything but a strain on Swedish society.The ambition – in this first step – is to bring new perspectives and new approaches to the question of the different economic consequences that may arise about the single-born refugee children. The report is conducted and compiled by Eva Nilsson Lundmark and Ingvar Nilsson, 2016. More reports & articles on Institution on Social Effects >>>

United Sisters

United Sisters provides opportunities for young people to explore or develop themselves, their interests, who they are as individuals and what they stand for. Our operations are based on methods that strengthen people to be themselves and develop and change in a positive direction. All adults in United Sisters activities, both volunteers and staff, are trained in United Sisters methods.United Sisters also hold courses for organizations, companies or individuals in, among other things, leadership, presence and listening. These programs are suitable for those who want to work with a norm-critical and / or salutogenic approach. More on United Sisters activities & materials >>>

Robert F Kennedy Human Rights

A worldwide cultural and educational school project providing materials, education, theater workshops, exhibition and film advice. Throughout the world there are brave people who say that defies injustices, totalitarian and oppressive regimes and structures that raise their voices, question and protest, sometimes at risk for their own lives. Robert F Kennedy’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy, has interviewed fifty human rights defenders. The stories provide knowledge about human rights and encourage the courage to act. More on the school project materials >>>

Fryshuset Child Protection Policy

Fryshuset follows the Government’s child rights policy aim to apply and strengthen the rights and interests of the child in society, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Every child up to the age of 18 has special rights. Children have the right to a secure upbringing and opportunities to develop at their own pace and on the basis of their own abilities and needs. Children are competent individuals who must be respected and allowed to participate in decisions that concern them. More information >>>