What we do


Fryshuset supports young people to pursue, share and develop their passionate interests for sports and culture, social commitments, entertainment and innovative, schools and education.


Fryshuset is an international organization that works to enable young people to change the world through their passions. We listen to, work and build relationships with young people and, together with them, create meeting places where young people are seen, heard and counted. At Fryshuset, young people have the opportunity to practice their passions, create and participate in youth-driven activities, education and work. All parts are equally important for personal development.

We divide our operations in the following areas:

Within these four areas of work, we run secondary and vocational schools, a wide diversity of music, sports and cultural activities including its own skatepark and Sweden’s largest basketball association.

Also, Fryshuset runs events, concerts and a number of highly advanced social and labour programs. It even has its own church and runs an interfaith program that convenes young people from all religious beliefs in order to raise tolerance between different religions.

Moreover, Fryshuset runs projects for people who want to leave extremist and criminal environments.

In addition, it also runs a number of courses and educations for teachers and other professionals such as social workers, prisons guards and other youth works.