What we do


At Fryshuset we value and recognize young people’s voices, ideas and actions. We are convinced that it contributes to a creative and solution-oriented social climate in which it’s allowed to think differently and find innovative solutions.

Youth-driven activities are the key component in realizing Fryshusets vision of enabling youth to change the world through their passions. The activities we offer young people are based on the motivation that comes from within, driven simply out of young peoples desires and pleasures.

By involving youth in different processes and provide them with tools and knowledge we promote young peoples empowerment in helping them shape their own future. In this way, our work stays always relevant and attractive. We strive to achieve this in the following areas:

We are bridge builders for mutual understanding and respect between young people, authorities, decision makers and other individuals. We work to strengthen young people’s knowledge about society and different cultures. We promote and support democratic values, knowledge and skills in order to increase young people’s active participation in democratic processes.

All of Fryshuset operations are based on the same values, mission and methods, but are locally adapted to the conditions, needs of young people and their driving force.