Who we are


Fryshuset is a dynamic and multifaceted movement for young people’s development. We enable young people to change the world through their passions.

We are a non profit organization independent of any political ideology or religion. We promote empowerment and social inclusion of youth with a special focus on those who are at risk or already face exclusion.

We provide opportunities for young people to develop their innate abilities and discover their passion in order to help them realise their full potential and find their way into society.
We believe that everybody can succeed and are worth to be given a chance to make a new beginning.

We strive to achieve this by jointly with young people create environments for holistic learning and personal development within the following fields of work; youth culture, social projects, schools, labour market and entrepreneurship.

Through these areas of work we give young people opportunities to practice their passionate interests, create and implement youth-driven activities, join projects and attend our schools. Furthermore, we create and provide various educational, leadership, labour market and entrepreneurship programs.

All components are equally important for all young people.