Fryshuset was founded in 1984 as a result of the joint efforts by the YMCA of Southern Stockholm and a couple of unyielding enthusiasts – among them Fryshuset’s legendary founding father Anders Carlberg (see below).

At first, the center was located in an old cold storage building (“Fryshuset” can be loosely translated into “coldstorage”), but after a couple of years it was transferred to larger premises (24 000 square meters) nearby.

Initially, sports and music were the sole activities at Fryshuset, but social issues soon made their way into the agenda as a reflection of young people’s wants and needs.

One such early example came in the summer of 1986 when violent riots occurred between antagonistic teenage groups in Stockholm. The Swedish government then asked Fryshuset to step in and help solve the situation. This resulted in Fryshuset launching a campaign; touring around the country lecturing on constructive alternatives to violence. During the tour it became obvious that most teenagers condemned violence and had a lot of vital ideas on how to counteract it and how to a build a better future.

In January 2013, Fryshuset’s founder Anders Carlberg left us after a period of illness. The founder of Fryshuset Anders Carlberg was a boundless enthusiast. His faith in people and their ability to grow and develop was completely relentless – and most of all he believed in those who nobody else believed in, those who did not even believe in themselves.

Anders Carlberg inspired people to practice compassionate courage, to believe in themselves and to dare to grow, even when no one else thought there was a chance to succeed.
At his passing, Fryshuset had grown into a multifaceted national movement for the development of young people. A movement that continues to grow and spread throughout Sweden and to other countries.