Vision & values


We enable young people to change the world through their passions.

Fryshuset vision is based on the conviction that encouragement, confidence, responsibility and understanding are necessary in order to enable young people to develop their innate abilities and find their way into society.

Youth-driven activities are the key component in realizing this vision. The activities we offer young people are based on the motivation that comes from within, driven simply out of their own desires and pleasures.

By involving youth in different processes and provide them with tools and knowledge we promote young people’s empowerment in helping them shape their own future. In this way, our work stays always relevant and attractive.



Fryshuset has a unique set of core values, which were developed during Fryshuset’s thirty five year history. The values started out as an unspoken framework for the way people with different values, from different youth cultures and environments could get along under one roof and are deeply rooted within the organization. Fryshusets values stands for the decisiveness that exists throughout the organization and the strong conviction that all energy is positive only if the conditions exist to direct it in the right direction.


We encourage, trust and give responsibility to youth.
It builds knowledge and self-esteem that elevates the inherent power of youth.

We are responsive to what is happening in society and act accordingly.
We are not afraid of what is new and unknown. We see opportunities and mobilize forces where others see problems. We continually develop and improve our methods.

We assume the needs of the individual.
At Fryshuset the door is always open for anyone who wants to engage and develop, regardless of their background.

We believe in respectful meetings.
It’s based on the desire to participate and that common interests overcomes all contradictions and differences as well as increases understanding between individuals.